April 2010

Many Eco-friendly brides and grooms are incorporating their love for Mother Earth into their wedding!       Haley & Tyler were married last fall at the beautiful L’ Auberge Del Mar,  a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. This couple used many earthy elements in both their ceremony and reception. Natural outdoor light, soft candles, place cards made of wood, and a tree stump guest book just to name a few. This wedding was absolutely a stylish celebration. Cheers to Haley & Tyler for being conscious of our precious Earth.


Cool colors, funky designs, comfy flats, and jeweled toes. Brides are pulling out all the stops when it comes to being unique.

If you’ve been into the studio lately than you know that John Mireles and his wife Jen are living in Italy for a month.  I snagged a few photos from his blog of their travels~Enjoy!

This is Kari and Randy in Ocean Beach~ Stay tuned for more of them this summer!

I  love the way they look at each other! Here’s Jessica and Matt in Seaport Village… Stay tuned for more of this sweet couple this summer!